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Common Question

1. How to Add Your Own Photos to the Photo Widget ?

Adding your photos to a Photo Widget is an easy process that can be completed in two steps. Here is a detailed guide:

Step 1: Access the Photo Widget Settings

You can do this by right-clicking on the Photo Widget using your mouse or touchpad. This will bring up the photo album settings.


Step 2: Browse and Select Your Photo

From the settings, choose 'Browse' and navigate to the photo or folder that you want to display in the Photo Widget. Remember, you can select any photo you want—either a single photo or multiple photos from a folder.


Once you've selected your photos, they will be displayed in the Photo Widget. That's it! You have successfully added your own photos to the Photo Widget.

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2. My files disappear , What should I do?

Don't worry


we've backed up your files When you delete the File Zone widget on your desktop, we automatically recopy your files back to the desktop. During this process, we advise not to quit the App.


If the files have not returned to the desktop due to a copying failure, you can retrieve them from the following path:  /Users/yourname/Library/Containers/com.byteapp.widget/  

Step 1:  Open Finder, go to, Go to Folder.

Step 2: Enter the path below:

Replace yourname in the path above with your actual name on your computer.


Step 3:  You can see the original file in Data/Document.

Replace yourname in the path above with your actual name on your computer.

3. How to delete a Widget ?

There are two ways to delete a widget:

Method 1: Through the Widget Setting

You can delete a Widget via its settings. Simply right-click on the Widget to bring up the settings, and then click the 'Delete' button.


Method 2: Using a Keyboard Shortcut

You can also use the keyboard shortcut `CMD + SHIFT + E` to delete a Widget.

If you prefer a different shortcut, you can customize this in the software settings.


That's all! You've learned two ways to delete a Widget in your software.


4. How to Right-Click on Mac?

Right-Click on a MacBook Trackpad or Magic Trackpad

1. Click the Apple () menu in the upper left corner of your Mac's screen and select System Settings....


2. Choose Trackpad/Mouse, enable Secondary click and Tap to Click

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